Go and tell vs. Get and give

I have been thinking about how the celebration of Christmas changes and what meaningful memories we keep as years go by.
When we sing Christmas carols and read the Gospel it is always about going and telling the Good News. We used to portray this in our lives with visits to older relatives and friends who looked forward to seeing happy children come into the home for a hug ….and maybe cookies. Then we enjoyed activities as caroling together to spread cheer and truth of Jesus come.  
Somehow as our world became sophisicated we let ourselves believe it to be good to give gifts we could buy as opposed to taking time to share time. I think maybe that is why it is hard to see in all the glitter and plastic of the holday the little precious piece of time which is obscured by all the decor.
We have missed Christmas by getting more caught up in gift buying than sharing the true meaning of love, fellowship, peace and affection Shared together through simple acts that create memories and strenghten relationships.
This year focus relationship with Him, family and neighbors far and near..and start the new year with joy instead of debt! You may sense real freedom of love instead of drudgery to check off a list.
Of course, I do not mean to give no gifts or decorate, etc. rather get the order of priorities set forth to stop the madness and bring back Christmas!

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